The Invisible Slavery

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Abortion

Forty years ago today, Row v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that blew open the door for abortions in the US, was passed.  Since then, over 54 MILLION abortions have been performed in the US alone.  That’s 54 million women who didn’t have to be shackled with the burden of pregnancy.  Isn’t that grand!

For those who missed it, those last two statements were dripping with sarcasm.  The truth is, that’s 54 million women who were victims of a well-oiled, multibillion dollar machine that uses their bodies to make big bucks.

But worse, this is 54 million babies who died.  Fifty four million children whose life was taken from them simply because they were an inconvenience to their mothers and fodder for a corrupt and evil industry.

What’s really strange – and deeply disturbing – is that the abortionists know exactly what they are doing.  There is no denying that the fetus is a human being, a child.  In his blog post, We Know We are Killing Children  — All of Us Know, John Piper relates this story:

I took an abortionist out to lunch once, prepared to give him ten reasons why the unborn are human beings. He stopped me, and said, “I know that. We are killing children.” I was stunned. He said, “It’s simply a matter of justice for women. It would be a greater evil to deny women the equal right of reproductive freedom.” (emph. added)

(The full article, which gives 11 reasons that everyone knows that abortion is killing children, can be accessed here:

I don’t know what’s more maddening – the twisted logic behind this statement, or the fact that the church is largely ignoring it’s proliferation, the deadly misleading of expectant moms and women in general,  and the killing of these children.  This past Sunday, being the closest to the Roe v Wade anniversary, was dubbed “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.”  Not that this day is particularly sacred; it’s just an opportunity for churches who don’t address abortion or other sanctity of life issues at other times during the year, to have a reason to do so.  But countless churches don’t even do that.  They ignore abortion completely.  They turn a deaf ear to the silent screams of dying babies, and the private cries and emptiness felt by the mothers whose babies are gone.  I struggle to understand why.  I tend to think that it’s part of neo-evangelicalism’s paranoia toward anything controversial or political.  But this is not a political issue, any more than it would be if your neighbor was selling his 9-year-old daughter on

This blog is, after all, about human trafficking.  Slavery is about powerful people using weaker people for personal gain, and giving the weak no means of escape.  Abortion is the ultimate form of human trafficking.  The trafficking path may only be about 7 inches long, but the child is forced down those 7 inches for the personal gain of the abortion industry.  And the journey always ends in death.  It’s meant to.

Which brings us back to the twisted logic:   ““It’s simply a matter of justice for women.”  What justice is there for women when 27 million (assuming that ½ of all abortions are girls) have been killed? Or take the issue globally: Gendercide, the practice of aborting little girls just because they are girls, has taken as many females as the current female population of the the US.  What kind of justice is that?  Or, what kind of justice is there for the mothers of these babies who have been lied to, told that their babies are “just tissue” or “only POC’s (“products of conception”)?

Today, on the 40th anniversary of the deadliest Supreme Court decision in US history, let’s all do something life-affirming.

  • Encourage an expectant mom, especially one you think may have been tempted by abortion , but chose life.
  • Pour a little extra love on the children around you, and remind yourself how glad you are that they were not aborted.
  • If you know a mom who chose abortion in the past, give her a call or a text today, just to let her know that she is loved. (No need to mention abortion; she thinks about it enough already.)
  • Contact a local Crisis Pregnancy Center (google “Crisis Pregnancy [your city]”) and ask what you can do to help
  • Pray. Pray. Pray.

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